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High quality sound with attention to detail.


Smart Audio is independent audio engineer Brian Moynihan. With nearly twenty years of  experience in professional audio, Brian has a broad background including studio recording, remote recording, and live sound.  He brings together these experiences to provide consistent results to every situation.  He enjoys any style of music crafted with great songwriting and musicianship. While music was the initial driver for his interest in audio, his experience and knowledge grew in other applications. His approach to every job is to provide the best possible audio experience for the listener.  




"I can't thank you enough for your recording services last Saturday night at The Highway 99 Blues Club. Your attention to detail, and the quality of your product are superb. I have listened to the scratch mixes you provided, and its all there ready to go. This will definitely turn into a production CD project, probably a double CD."

Frank "Hot Rod" Holman

"Professional, high quality recording for the price we were looking for. Brian has a good ear and is great to work with."

Mark McGinnis - Typhoon Ferri


"Brian is great, he loves what he does and it shows.If you know what you want your project to sound like, he can make it happen. He's got a good ear and really listens for what you want.It was very cool working with Brian on our CD, he is a true engineer."

bali - Woodland Creatures


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